How To Care Bamboo Beddings


How To Care Bamboo Sheets

To make your sheets last even longer, it’s essential to wash them properly. The good news is bamboo sheets are machine washable, but steer clear of hot water and fabric softener. When washing your bamboo bed sheets try to use a mild detergent and run the wash on the delicate/gentle cycle.

For stained fabric, people can use a chlorine-free stain remover but avoid products like bleach or other harsh stain removers.

When it comes to drying the sheets, your best bet is line drying, but if you find it more convenient to use a dryer, be sure to choose low heat and a low tumble dry setting.

Since air drying outside is not an option for many of us year-long, people can also throw their sheets in the dryer.

Keep in mind that most care instructions will tell people to dry on a delicate cycle on a low tumble dry and remove the sheets as quickly as they can to avoid letting wrinkles set in.

How to Remove Wrinkles from Your Bamboo Sheets

While bamboo fibers are durable they are soft and very lightweight, leaving it easy to wrinkle if the sheets are left in the dryer.

The sooner people remove them – especially when they are still a little warm – the fewer wrinkles they’ll have to deal with.

The wrinkles in bamboo sheets are not the quite as deep creases in cotton sheets. They fall out easier but may still require some light ironing.

Use your iron on the lowest setting possible. Avoid using steam unless you’ve got a really bad wrinkle – then go for it!

Things to Avoid

Bleach, Fabric softener, Dryer sheets, Chemicals like chlorine and hydrogen peroxide

Anyway, it’s hard to go wrong with bamboo sheets. All the benefits of these sheets combined just might help you get your best night’s sleep yet.


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