How to wash my linen?

How to wash my linen?

Let’s start with the fact that linen loves being washed. Washing routine makes the linen softer and stronger.

There is not a lie that it is easy to take care of linen but in order to serve and please you for a longer time, a few basic rules should be followed. Linen can be washed both by hand and washing machine.

If you choose the machine washing, then follow these recommendations:

- when washing with a machine, use the gentle wash mode

- the water temperature should not exceed more than 40°C / 104°F.

- we recommend washing white, black and colored items separately.

- at the same time, in order to achieve the best washing effect, the washing machine should not be overloaded by the laundry

- Linen cannot be bleached or dry cleaned.

Washing Bedding

Before putting your bedding in the washing machine we recommend reversing the bedding to the back side and closing the zipper and buttons. Do not overload the washing machine, allow the linen wash and rinse freely.

Softening Linen

We use the linen material softened with the natural eco friendly enzymes, therefore, we do not recommend using softening detergents.

By using the softening detergents the linen material may start weakening leading to shorting the usage of the product.

Drying Linen

For the linen drying you can use an electric dryer by choosing the low heat drying function.

The linen should not be overheated and overdried in the electric dryer. We recommend taking the linen out of the dryer before the end (earlier) of the drying function and finish the drying naturally by hanging on the rope or drying means. Please be mindful that direct sunlight should be avoided.

Ironing Linen

The linen material is naturally wrinkled and that is the beauty of this material. Therefore, we do not recommend ironing it.

However, if you still seek perfection and you like ironed materials, we recommend using the low heat ironing function.

Please be careful, by using the high heat ironing function the material may be damaged and burnt.

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